INFLUencer outreach Campaigns

Tapping into Rachel’s coveted roster of high-profile individuals and organizations, she assists clients in developing tactical relationships with like-minded audiences in order to elevate and share the client’s brand, message or mission.

Program + panel Curation

Motivated to craft socially and politically conscious content, Rachel creates and curates distinct programs and panels for conferences and summits. She utilizes her diverse network of notable individuals from the wellness, philanthropy, film, music, and social justice fields to create dynamic and original programming.


Rachel works directly with each client to implement a multi-faceted platform that brings brand vision to fruition. Whether it’s creating a new brand or rebranding an existing one, launching a fresh product, book or film,she uses her comprehensive skill set to execute each project with passion and success. Rachel brings a fresh perspective, relying on her industry expertise to offer conceptual and technical literary guidance on all buzz materials including website design and content,  social media content, and promotional materials.

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