“Rachel is an Agent of Change. A major component in the creation of Urban Zen, putting together a ten day Wellness Forum from concept and communication to creating a community of the best of the best in the field of Integrative healthcare. Rachel's integrity, creativity and ability to multi task is inspiring, as she has helped to elevate my foundation. I am forever grateful to Rachel.” 

--- Donna Karan, Fashion Designer + Founder, Urban Zen Foundation

“Agent of Change grabbed hold of the potential within my book campaign, saw what had to be done, and executed with passion, excellence, humor, and grace. Most importantly, they produced results!”

--- Mark Hyman, MD - Ten-time #1 New York Times bestselling Author & Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

“Most recently it was a special pleasure to have Rachel invaluable help in the Tibet House production of the Newark Peace Education Summit in which His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other national and international heavyweights engaged in panel discussions. Rachel is a fantastic organizer and executer, with unerring and energetic initiative as well as highly sensitive as a team player. She and her team were on top of every detail, kept the very complex event on a steady track and were a major factor in the tremendous success of the event.” 

--- Professor Robert Thurman, President, Tibet House US

Rachel is a truly unique person, a multi talented agent of change, who brings not only producing talent to whatever project or event she is involved in, but also ineffable qualities that make the experience successful and fulfilling…There are few people I would recommend as highly as Rachel.  She will make any TV show better, any film richer, any album more appealing.  She is the rare producer who is committed to doing the best work and just as important to being one of the best people you could ever work with.        

--- Marc Levin, Emmy Award, Cable-Ace Award, Sundance Film Festival Award Winning Filmmaker

Rachel’s intentions are focused and she gets results. Any production will be lucky to have her on their team. She is relentless in her ability to effectively produce a film that imparts a compelling story. She is fun, upbeat and terrific to work with.                

--- Barbara Kopple, Duo-Academy Award Winning Filmmaker

A dear friend, colleague and supporter of The Roots, I have known Rachel for over a decade. She has been nothing but a true resource of passion, devotion and diligence to our music. She is one of the most reliable people in my life and I am proud to call her a member of The Roots family.   

--- Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson, The Roots

“To be a part of Rachel’s world is something extraordinary, and somehow my organization (Pencils of Promise) without a single person who had ever thrown a gala was able to pull off what countless people have told me was the best gala they'd ever attended in their life. How? Because of Rachel… Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.” 

--- Adam Braun, Founder and CEO of MissionU and Founder of  Pencils of Promise

“Rachel is a conduit and a catalyst. She literally moves mountains! Rachel pours her years of experience and attention to detail into every event she produces. Whether you want to change the world or celebrate a milestone, working with Rachel ensures a night to remember.”

 --- Kris Carr, Best-Selling Author, Filmmaker + Founder, Crazy Sexy Wellness

Rachel is pure GENIUS! She's a creative expert who is flawless at high-level event execution. She helped me produce a truly game-changing business and lifestyle event that far exceeded my expectations. My participants are raving it was the best event they've EVER been to - and they have been to a lot. She gets my highest recommendation.

--- Marie Forleo, Entrepreneur, Writer, Philanthropist + Founder, B-School

I have known Rachel for over a decade and she is one of the very people in the world who I know can make ANYTHING happen. Working with her on numerous projects, Rachel is a very special, special person and is a leader in any vision she gets involved in. I look forward to working with her for the rest of my life!  

--- Michael Skolnik, CEO of The SOZE Agency

Rachel is the rare producer who's both detailed-oriented bad-ass and visionary, creative thinker. She approaches every event and project with an amazing combination of skill, intelligence, experience, dedication, and yes, love. It‘s rare that you can trust someone so completely with your project, but with Rachel, you know that her every move is in dedication to the highest good for the project, your organization, and its impact on the world.  

--- Laura Dawn, Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative of Art Not War

AOC has been instrumental in helping us identify strategic partnerships that made our brand the one to watch. Their introductions were a key part of building our brand in a highly efficient way- mission critical when you are a start up. We considered them a must have part of the team and couldn't be more grateful for their partnership. Rachel is a well deserving star in the world of health and wellness. 

--- Courtney Nichols Gould, Co-Founder, Smartypants Vitamins

Rachel is a force of life with a love of people like I never seen before. Her network is global. She is resourceful beyond belief. Hard working, responsible and reliable are attributes that are enhanced by the fact that she makes hard work fun. Rachel is one of my favorite people on earth. Anyone who works with her will understand my enthusiasm when talking about her in only minutes.                

--- Dr. Alejandro Junger, Author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Clean’

Rachel is a radiant source of light in the world. She approaches every relationship with sincere warmth and generosity and brings an inspired creativity to all of her professional endeavors. More importantly, she's funny. Rarely have I experienced a woman who is able to balance real depth with an absolutely hysterical sense of humor. I love her!    

--- Lisa Oz, Author, 'Us